Application of RFID Tag in Infrared

With the advancement of science and technology, network technology has been widely used. The entire railway line has also completed the information network management project and realized all-road networking. All information of the infrared axis temperature detection system is collected in the Ministry of Railways Enquiry Center, and a star topology network is formed at each railway bureau. Authorized personnel can quickly and easily acquire the entire infrared road temperature detection system through the network anywhere. information.

Under the influence of such a large environment, the combination of RFID electronic tags and infrared technology has become increasingly closer. The role of RFID electronic tags in railway safety production has also become increasingly prominent. In order to realize the accurate positioning and identification of railway trains in the whole road network, the smart number tracking device using radio frequency identification technology came into being. Railway No. Radio Frequency Identification System can accurately identify the locomotive train number, vehicle number, container code, and related information in real time. Automatically collecting vehicle information to improve the accuracy of hot-axis prediction and ensure the full tracking of train and shaft temperature is the key equipment for real-time tracking management of vehicles.

The RFID Tag Automatic Number Identification System and Its Functions

Railway train number automatic recognition system adopts passive microwave reflection modulation technology. The basic system components include: electronic tag, electronic tag programmer (used to write the information to the electronic tag in a wired way to the locomotive, the vehicle's identification information, ie, trip number, Car number information) and ground reading devices.

The electronic tag is the most basic part of the system. It adopts a passive design scheme and is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes the target object and obtains relevant data through radio frequency signals, which is equivalent to that of a truck (a locomotive or a vehicle). ID card". Each electronic tag is written with other attribute information in addition to the vehicle trip number and car number information. This information is also an important source of information for infrared axis temperature detection equipment distributed along the railway.

The ground reading device consists of a ground antenna installed in the track, a wheel sensor, an RF microwave radio device installed in the detection room, and a reading computer (industrial computer).

The automatic train number identification system can automatically obtain locomotive and vehicle information and accurately identify the locomotive number and vehicle number in real time. In addition, the combination of infrared axis temperature detection equipment can also realize automatic axle counting.

RFID RFID RF devices and microwave components

In the automatic train number identification system, RF radio frequency devices and microwave components are combined with the use of RFID electronic tag radio frequency identification technology.

The function of the RF radio device is to generate a microwave signal and receive a processed microwave signal reflected by the processing tag and demodulate the data information. After the RF radio device receives the command issued by the readout computer, the antenna is turned on, the microwave signal is transmitted to the outside via the antenna, and the modulated signal with the tag data information returned by the antenna is received, amplified, filtered, demodulated and then sent to the radio frequency device. Read the computer for the next step.