Application of RFID technology in library

RFID, as a fast, long distance, non-contact automatic identification technology, has been successfully applied in various fields such as logistics management, transportation, e-government, certification identification and food safety.Some universities and public libraries at home and abroad have also introduced RFID technology and put it into practical application in recent years, which has achieved good economic and social benefits.With the development of Internet of things technology, RFID is widely used in libraries.
Increased the efficiency of book borrowing
Traditional bar code and magnetic stripe technology in the loan, return the book, still need staff to open the title page to find the bar code, and then scanning and degaussing, borrowing is also less efficient.After adopting RFID technology, RFID smart tag reader reads information in a contactless manner, and with the help of the anti-collision function of RFID technology, it can read and identify multiple books at the same time, thus improving the borrowing efficiency and reader reception ability.
Improved service
Through the equipped self-help borrowing and returning book peripheral equipment, readers can find the shelf number of books in the network system, quickly and accurately find the required books, and go through the procedures of borrowing and returning books by themselves, bringing convenience to readers.Libraries can readjust the human resources saved so that more librarians can shift from traditional management work to serving readers or other value-added services.
Strengthened collection management
In the open shelves of books, as a library management staff, usually need to spend a lot of energy to find out the chaos, wrong shelves of books and periodicals, and classification, workload and work intensity department is relatively large.By inputting the shelf information of the books into the RFID system, the staff can find the disordered book information in time with the help of the hand-held reader in the daily inspection of the whole shelf, so that the shelf, the whole work becomes quite easy.In addition, the use of RFID technology can also simplify the library management staff inventory work.
Strengthened the anti - theft monitoring ability
Traditional magnetic stripe anti-theft system often appears such as false alarm, demagnetization is not clean false alarm and many non-real stolen.The RFID access control system can judge whether the checked books are illegal entrapped or omitted in the borrowing records through the integrated reader, and then judge whether to make alarm action, reducing the alarm failure and false alarm rate.