Demystifying what's special about uhf mini hard rfid tag

Everyone sees the anti-theft soft label in the supermarket goods. The soft label is simple to use, has good anti-theft effect and low cost, and can be directly attached to the product. Anti-theft soft tags include acoustic magnetic soft tags and radio frequency soft tags. There are various shapes, uhf mini hard rfid tag, so do you know its characteristics?

The uhf mini hard rfid tag can be considered as the electronic version of the barcode. Its working principle is the radio principle. The numbering information in the RFID tag chip is obtained through the carrier wave and modulation of electromagnetic waves. The operating frequency of the RFID tag is 8.2 MHz. 0.8-1.2 meters, cheap and reliable, suitable for various goods.

uhf mini hard rfid tag has the following characteristics: RF soft tags cannot be directly attached to metal or foil products. RFID radio frequency soft tags cannot overlap (more than two). Labels should be applied as flat as possible. The bonding surface should be as small as possible and not folded. It cannot be less than 120 degrees.

RFID tags are generally more rugged and are not affected by the environment. They can withstand harsh environments such as high temperature and water, and acid and alkali. RF soft tags have a large amount of data storage. Compared with traditional tags, they have a larger capacity (1-1024bit), and the data can be updated at any time. Unlike a barcode, an RFID tag cannot be copied. It is a special number. The contents of the label can be read and written repeatedly.