How can China defend against COVID-19

We will strictly guard against and control the epidemic in Wuhan.We urge Hubei province and Wuhan city to take the strictest prevention and control measures in accordance with the law, strengthen the supervision of farmers' markets and the control of wildlife, prevent the spread of the virus within the province and prevent the spread of the virus outside the province, and urge the public to disperse and not to gather together, so as to minimize the activities of the public and avoid the occurrence of the epidemic.The most stringent screening measures should be taken to prevent further spread of the epidemic.rfid key card

work closely with the whole country and resolutely implement epidemic prevention and control measures.We will build a network for the monitoring of pneumonia of unknown cause and the precheck and triage of fever clinics, so as to make preparations for the treatment of cases, and timely find and effectively deal with the epidemic.We will step up efforts to improve environmental hygiene. In light of the increased mobility of people during the Spring Festival, measures will be taken to ventilate, disinfect and measure body temperature in important places such as railway stations, airports and docks, as well as in closed vehicles such as automobiles, trains and airplanes, according to local conditions.

We're trying to save the sick.The strongest medical resources and expert resources from China and the West should be combined with traditional Chinese and Western medicine to minimize the number of deaths.We will increase the cost of medical treatment to ensure that patients are treated in a timely manner.Care for medical staff, logistics support, reasonable arrangements for rest, especially the guidance of personal protection, to prevent medical staff in the treatment of patients in the process of infection.

Information dissemination and international cooperation.We will release information on the epidemic in a timely, open and transparent manner, objectively report the progress of the epidemic and the prevention and control measures taken by the government, seek truth from facts, and disseminate knowledge on epidemic prevention and control in a scientific manner.We will continue to take the initiative to enhance communication with the world health organization, relevant countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan on epidemic information, timely share information on epidemic monitoring, investigation, prevention and control, and risk assessment, and jointly discuss and improve epidemic prevention and control measures.rfid car tag

Step up efforts in scientific research on epidemic prevention and control.Give full play to the strength of experts, as soon as possible to identify the source of infection, the way of transmission, targeted to do a good job in the development and screening of antiviral drugs.We will closely monitor the changes in virulence and transmission of the virus to make it more scientific and effective.

The national health system was deployed to strengthen on-duty duty.Health administrative departments and medical and health units at all levels shall be arranged to dispatch personnel who are familiar with the work to do a good job during the Spring Festival, and medical institutions and disease control institutions at all levels shall keep sufficient personnel on duty.