How does rfid label achieve vehicle management?

        Vehicle management is a difficult problem in city management. Traffic congestion requires intelligent traffic management technology to control it, so it can create a good and orderly traffic environment.

        Parking is a problem in big cities. It takes a lot of time to enter the parking lot, such as swiping a card. Using the Internet of Things technology, you can implement a smart vehicle management system for the parking lot. Using the smart parking lot with the rrfid label, you can install RFID on the vehicle electronic label. Temporary foreign vehicles can issue long-range RFID cards to enable vehicles to enter and exit without stopping, and can also help smart parking management and smart vehicle anti-theft goals.
rfid label
        Adopt RFID label non-stop toll collection system. Now ETC tolls can often be seen on highways. This is the use of RFID technology. Bank cards installed on vehicles are equipped with electronic tags, which can be read by toll stations during operations. The writer reads and writes through the antenna, so that the Internet can be used to settle the amount with the bank, thereby achieving the purpose of charging without stopping.

         RFID tag based on RFID technology provides convenience for vehicle management, intelligent management to achieve efficient management, improve work efficiency, and improve vehicle management efficiency.