Jinan has successfully launched the full process system of official car ETC

Recently, the ETC business system of unit vehicle (hereinafter referred to as business vehicle) has been successfully launched in Jinan branch of China merchants bank, marking that the bank has become the first joint-stock bank that can handle ETC business for both corporate customers and retail customers.

business war, private car ETC business field has been killed into a red sea by various financial institutions.In the face of severe business situation and fierce competition in the same industry, when the bank conducted market research on the national high-speed ETC business, it was keenly aware that there was still a blank in the field of such business as official cars, which had considerable market prospects and development potential.By the end of June 2019, there were 52 million official cars in China, and Shandong province's highway tolls for official cars in 2018 alone reached 1 billion yuan.In addition, the bank immediately established a working group of ETC for official vehicles at the level of the head office, and all departments began to develop the system for 14 consecutive days, which finally ensured that the system went online as scheduled.

As early as 2016, Jinan branch began to explore the field of fintech. In the form of a monthly smart city meeting, it convened the heads of all departments and business backbone to discuss smart government affairs, transportation, schools, hospitals, large industrial parks and other projects, studied and formulated the project implementation plan, and promoted the rapid implementation of the project.Meeting system can not only improve the business efficiency, and promote the line, the coordination and integration between departments, between this mixture of accumulated for many years, exerts a force of motion with in situ incisively and vividly in the official ETC business department goal unification, pace consistent, underscores the bank operational professional and efficient team, is the airport, static traffic, cars ETC, such as power park travel wisdom after the landing of the project, make another model of collaborative work.

At the same time, Jinan branch successively signed the withholding agreement with the municipal and provincial health systems, state-owned enterprises and other customers, and started to handle the business of such vehicles.Next, Jinan branch will continue to focus on improving the customer experience of provincial and municipal government agencies and units, state-owned enterprises, high-quality private enterprises and other services, constantly enrich smart travel and other service scenarios, refine internal performance, make steady progress, and make active exploration in creating differentiated financial services for customers.