Kenya USES NFC/RFID hybrid tags for its national vehicle identification system

         Kenya's national transport and security authority has invited bids for a new vehicle identification system that will combine NFC/RFID hybrid windshield tags with a mobile application running on standard NFC smart phones to provide police and other agencies with "quick and reliable information about the vehicle and its safety" and the corresponding owner.Animal feet ring tag

         The solicitation documents call for an initial purchase of 500,000 mixed stickers, followed by an order of "approximately one million per year."

         "In order to ensure the integrity of vehicle registration, the new appearance of license plates and safe windshield third license plate identifiers are being implemented as part of the modernization and reform of the transport sub-sector," the tender document explains.UHF windshield tag
         "Traffic law enforcement officers will track information about the vehicle and its owner through computerized electronic stickers on the windshield that contain holograms, watermarks and laser markers that contain anti-counterfeiting features.

          "This will help identify vehicles involved in illegal ACTS and traffic violations."

           The document added: "authorities, police and other agencies have asked for quick and reliable information about the vehicle and its corresponding owner."

           Hybrid tags combine RFID and NFC technologies.This allows for automated mass data collection over large distances, such as on highways, and case-by-case recording by Kenyan traffic police and NTSA personnel on the road."

           The solution "promises to provide the ability to read short range (NFC) data without the need for additional or specialized readers.It is expected that the solution will install high-security applications on regular mobile phones, giving full access to the corresponding available vehicle and owner data."