Multi-security QR Code for Intelligent Packaging "Locking"

With the rapid development of digital technology, intelligent packaging welcomes a new strategic opportunity. As the core application of intelligent packaging, QR code has become an important and fast data entry for mobile Internet, "packaging + IoT", and the connection line. However, QR codes are easily copied, poor visual effects, single anti-counterfeiting means, lack of innovation and other shortcomings, which seriously hinder its application in intelligent packaging. In view of this practical situation, the project of "construction of multiple anti-counterfeiting QR code system and its application in intelligent packaging" developed by the digital printing and intelligent packaging team of Chen Guangxue, professor of light industry college of south China university of technology, effectively solved this bottleneck problem. Recently, the project won the second prize of invention and entrepreneurship achievement award at the 13th Chinese inventor BBS and invention and entrepreneurship award ceremony jointly held by China association for invention, science and technology daily, national science and technology award office and other units.

Multiple security + visual management = intelligent and efficient

According to Guangxue Chen, the project is based on the QR code is a major application of intelligent packaging requirements, the height of anti-counterfeiting printing method of QR code, embedding invisible digital watermark in the variable QR code printing method and mass generate visual code, mobile phone can read lattice of commodity information decoding and QR code fusion method of 8 kinds of technological inventions, covers multiple anti-counterfeiting QR code system from theory, algorithm, technology, engineering, implementation to the application process.

"Through the fusion of multiple technology and QR code technology, set up multiple anti-counterfeiting QR code system, promote the intelligent packaging technology of QR code data entry barriers, with the help of the Internet of things, big data and cloud computing technology, realized from raw material acquisition, production, packaging, warehousing, logistics, distribution, consumption, such as full life cycle of a digital control, the traditional intelligent packaging industry, informationization, greening transformation has great role in promoting."Chen Guangxue told China press and publication radio.

In addition, the project promotes visual management of packaging and related industries. According to Chen Guangxue, intelligent packaging with multiple anti-counterfeiting qr codes can display the information data of the whole life cycle, such as raw materials, processing and manufacturing, storage, logistics, marketing and consumption, on the terminal device in a visual way, such as text, graphics, images, audio or video. To achieve the purpose of real-time interaction, processing, monitoring and decision-making, realize the digitization and intellectualization of packaging, enhance the value of packaging in the aspects of anti-counterfeiting traceability, intelligent positioning, information decision-making, consumer experience, mobile marketing, brand publicity, and so on, so as to help realize the visualization and high efficiency of supply chain management in different application industries.

Technology leading + broad market = double effect

In 2017 and 2018, Guangdong institute of science and technology information, Image science and engineering branch of Chinese society of instrumentation, Guangdong science and technology foundation platform center etc. organizations were carried on the science and technology novelty search to the project and the related application results acceptance, that the project comprehensive performance index reached the domestic leading level, has a broad market prospect. The nomination book of invention and entrepreneurship achievement award also shows that this project belongs to the model of intelligent packaging solutions in China, and its comprehensive performance index reaches the leading level in China, leading the development of printing and packaging industry.

At present, based on "multiple anti-counterfeiting qr code system construction and its application in intelligent packaging" solution for large healthy, alcohol and tobacco, cosmetics, securities and other industries widely recognized high-end brands, through abundant with science and technology and people in Guangzhou successfully imported Infinitus  (China) Co., Ltd., Shandong E-Jiao Health Products co., LTD., Shandong Freida Bioengineering Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Aidi Green Printing Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Runyan Metal Material Co., Ltd., Guangdong State Taxation Bureau, Guangdong Tobacco, and other important customers. In recent three years, the new sales volume exceeded 100 million yuan, and the new profit exceeded 20 million yuan."In the future, the application of the project can be extended to all walks of life related to the national economy and people's life."Chen Guangxue said.

In addition to the economic benefits, the innovation and breakthrough in technology of this project also promote the further development of printing and packaging anti-counterfeiting technology at home and abroad.

According to the introduction of Chen Guangxue, in practical application, multiple anti-counterfeit QR code technology is easy to identify and difficult to imitate, which realizes the anti-counterfeiting traceability of the whole life cycle of commodities, effectively reduces the occurrence of fake and shoddy products, and protects the rights and interests of consumers and the market and reputation of brands. Meanwhile, multiple anti-counterfeiting QR code technologies can enhance the positive role of packaging in anti-counterfeiting traceability, information decision-making, consumer experience, mobile marketing, brand promotion and environmental protection.

"The project has created more than 100 new jobs.More than 1,000 new jobs are expected to be created as the technology continues to evolve and market."Chen Guangxue told reporters.

Source: China press and publication radio telegraph/net