RFID bike management

Recently, lake city Shared cycling in the "family" added new members, from huzhou local "sketch bike" brings residents daily ride a new choice, it also need to park in "Shared cycling public electronic fence", this is sharing all kinds of bicycle access of huzhou city market a "prescription", is also the huzhou street is different from other cities, sharing "secret" of the bike in order.

In recent years, the bike-sharing market has experienced "ups and downs". While providing convenience to people, problems such as delivery,parking, and occupied public resources have brought new challenges to urban management.How to solve the management problem of Shared bikes and promote the integration of Shared bikes and public bikes has become a new task of urban management.

On July 10 this year, the new loan-return mode of "Shared bikes public electronic fence" initiated by huzhou is a new exploration of the management of Shared bikes. The "electronic fence" created by radio frequency technology has become a common "post" for public bikes and famous brands of Shared bikes.Huzhou has taken an advanced step on the road of unified management and integrated development of "two cars". After several months of operation, the public has gradually developed the habit of standardized parking, and the parking rate of bicycles has increased from 33% to 95%.

Within the city road transportation information command center, public bicycles, sharing all the real-time data sharing bicycle, electric bike and all electronic fence data are contributions to the unified regulation of platform, a brand is an account, a bike a ID, site information, vehicle information can see the big screen in real time, provides the vehicle scheduling, maintenance, accurate data reference.

"The biggest advantage of our model is the implementation of precise parking. We require all locks for Shared bikes entering the hucheng market to be in the same standard as public bikes, with electronic tags installed on each vehicle and integrated into a unified regulatory system, which solves a big problem for city management."Hong xu, chief of the public transport management section of the municipal transport administration bureau, told reporters that 550 new public electronic fences have been built in huzhou this year, 264 public bicycle fences have been renovated, and a total of 814 public electronic fences can park all kinds of bikes.

RFID bike management Innovative management practices have also promoted the sustainable development of bike-sharing and public bikes.As a public bicycle for people's livelihood, it has been expanded many times and its use has become wider. The advantages of local operation and maintenance scheduling have also enabled public bicycle company to successfully win the operation and maintenance business of qingju bicycle in lake city.For Shared bikes, after they are connected into the public electronic fence, the offline operation cost of bike companies is reduced and the operation and scheduling efficiency of vehicles is improved.Through the supervision of big data on the platform, the daily usage of "two-car" in hucheng increased from 60,000 to 16,000.

At present, the development of public bicycles and Shared bikes on the streets of hucheng is orderly and reasonable in scale. The average daily borrowing and returning amount of "two cars" has reached 16,000, an increase of 200% year on year. The standard parking rate of Shared bikes (parked in electronic fences) has reached 95%, leading the province and even the country