RFID electronic tag becomes an indispensable factor for new retail development

         Big data is the new direction of retail development now. The production, distribution and sales of goods need to be upgraded to reshape the format structure and ecosystem. RFID electronic tag is the embodiment of new retail technology and the management entrance of new retail big data.
RFID electronic tag
         The application of RFID is generally to add an RFID tag to each product, and then use the technology of visual sensors and pressure sensors to automatically identify the target object through radio frequency signals to obtain relevant data and perform non-contact automatic identification, so as to Complete product sales.

         In the subsequent payment process, payment is identified by identifying the product. After the customer leaves the store, the sensor can scan the RFID tag, and then confirm the product purchased by the consumer, so that the amount can be automatically settled.

         In the new retail scene, electronic tags are used to demonstrate unique features. Product prices and information can be updated quickly and synchronously. Labels can be used to locate the shelves of products to clearly understand the position of relevant products. Electronic tags can display inventory information in real time. It can help analyze store visits, so as to manage store visitor flow information, and also grasp all product information in real time, so as to timely check for gaps, new retail development, and the use of big data and RFID electronic tags.