RFID payment system will be put into use in Malaysia from 2020

Attention drivers!RFID tolls will be introduced on north and south avenue from 2020.

Radio Frequency Idendification is an automatic identification technology that USES Radio signals to identify specific targets and read relevant data.When a driver passes through the RFID channel, the system can automatically read the RFID Tag data and deduct the toll from the Touch'n Go eWallet.

In order to alleviate the traffic jam at the highway toll stations, the Malaysian government will implement RFID toll payment system at all open-toll stations on January 1, 2020, and Closed toll stations on April 1, 2020.

Open-toll stations, or toll booths, mean that drivers are directly charged tolls when they pass through a toll booth.In contrast, a Closed toll is when a driver passes the first highway toll, not directly charged, but when he leaves the highway.

The RFID system combines the features of Touch'n Go and SmartTAG.Drivers can get through tollbooths without opening Windows or installing batteries.