RFID Tags Market by Technology Advancement and Future Outlook 2019-2025

The integration of RFID tags has increased across several sectors owing to the fact that they prevent theft of certain materials, track shipments in real time, and implement advanced technology at low cost. The pressing need for a more efficient supply chain is also a factor that is intensifying the use of RFID tags in the retail as well as logistics and transportation sectors. IoT and big data platforms integrated with RFID tags in devices is expected to play a crucial role in the development of the market in the long run.
The number of RFID tag applications are increasing within retail stores which in turn is driving the growth of the RFID tags market. Currently, many retail sectors such as clothing, are employing RFID tags for maximizing inventory availability and enhance the customer experience along with it. In countries such as the UAE, owing to favorable changing economic conditions, retail firms from other regions are opening offices in the country for addressing the demand of customers from across several regions. These international retail businesses do not have budget constraints, and can easily adopt RFID tag technology for tracking products and shipments.