RFID tags to achieve waste classification information management

Nanjing and suzhou have been listed in the first batch of 46 key cities of garbage classification in China.On November 27, the reporter learned that jiangsu province urban residents household garbage classification and collection equipment configuration guidelines (trial)(hereinafter referred to as the guidelines) announced that new and conditional residential areas should set up household garbage classification room, the implementation of garbage timing fixed point delivery.In addition, we will gradually reduce or eliminate roadside garbage cans and encourage door-to-door recycling of household garbage from shops and businesses.

The community should set up garbage classification room, fixed point to put garbage
The guidelines specify that domestic waste in jiangsu is divided into four categories, including recyclables and blue containers.Hazardous waste, container is red;Other garbage, container color is black;Kitchen waste, container color is green.In addition to clear identification of the trash can, easy to identify.

Reporters noted that the guidelines also require new and better conditions of existing residential areas to gradually promote garbage classification collection points, the domestic garbage for the fixed point relatively centralized collection.It is advisable to set no less than 1 household garbage classification collection container (room) in the community, and set obvious signs;The area of each place should not be less than 20 square meters, the number of service households should not exceed 1000, the service radius should not exceed 300 meters.Garbage collection containers (rooms) should be equipped with kitchen waste, harmful garbage
collection containers.Where conditions permit, temporary storage places for recyclables shall be set up, and storage points for recyclables shall be set up in the basement of the unit.

In addition, the community in the appropriate area to set up decoration garbage, large garbage, green garbage and other collection points, the collection point should have a height of not less than 3 meters closed structures, and set up obvious signs, the area is not less than 30 square meters.Temporarily set up the garbage collection container (room) of the community, can use scattered set collection points (containers) for garbage classification collection, collection points and containers to gradually reduce.

Gradually reduce or eliminate roadside garbage cans along the street

So how do you put the garbage in other areas?According to the guideline, party and government organs, public institutions, management units of public places and related enterprises should set up at least one household garbage collection point in an appropriate location according to the amount of garbage produced. Recyclables, hazardous garbage and other garbage collection containers should be set up at each collection point.

Food market, market should be equipped with kitchen waste, recyclables, other garbage collection containers.Party and government organs, public institutions, large shopping malls (supermarkets), amusement parks, such as the entrance, elevator and other places can be set up a fine classification of recyclables collection boxes.Units with conditions can set up intelligent waste classification equipment with intelligent metering and classification identification.

Hotels, restaurants, and canteens of catering units should set up independent kitchen waste and waste edible oil collection containers, and kitchen waste collection barrels should be 120 liters /240 liters sealed barrels, and promote the use of electronic labels, implementation of information management.RFID Tags

At the same time, it also encourages shops and units along the street to collect household garbage on a regular basis, and gradually reduces or eliminates roadside garbage collection points and garbage classification collection containers.