RFID Technology Barrels of Water to Achieve "One Barrel One Code" to Make Drinking Water More Safe

With the great improvement of living standards, the quality of life is constantly changing. Drinking water is an essential part of life. RFID technology has been recognized in various industries, its identification and anti-counterfeiting technology so that food safety has to wait until the full certification. At present, bottled water is one of the main drinking water. So how to ensure the safety and efficiency of drinking water, RFID technology to achieve "One Barrel One Code" to make drinking water more safe, is also the packaging of drinking water industry is very concerned about the topic. RFID technology barrels of water to achieve "One Barrel One Code" to make drinking water more safe.

Under the concept of food safety and responsibility traceability, "One Barrel One Code" has been trying to apply in the bottled water industry. Because of the production of bottled water, marketing, market competition and the basic status of user services generally faced with problems and problems. These actual existing problems and the technical and functional characteristics of "One Barrel One Code", analyze and think about the technical development direction and application efficiency of industrial application from different perspectives, hope to open up a broader thinking space, and find effective and easy to promote the technical method.

The original intention of "One Barrel One Code" is to establish an information-based digital process synchronizing with the real object, which is used to calibrate each work node, from production to distribution. In order to ensure that consumers get qualified products and can trace the possible product quality problems. From the current application, "One Barrel One Code" to a large extent to achieve this function, anti-counterfeiting, "One Barrel One Code" basically completed its original design.

However, the problems in the barreled drinking water industry are only a cross section, and simply solving one of them is not enough to change the current basic situation. For example, the increase of water enterprises' cost and the thin profit are the root cause of enterprises' losing competitiveness. Among barreled aquatic products, the water body accounts for the least proportion of its cost composition. Bucket as a liquid asset, the accidental loss of bucket, the decrease of repeated filling efficiency, the normal damage of overdue use, "dead bucket" problem, bucket extracorporeal circulation and so on, are the real cost pressure faced by enterprises. It is easy to calculate how many times the loss of each bucket will be compensated by the profit from selling water bodies. All water enterprises have their own accounts.

Obviously, "One Barrel One Code" does not solve this critical part of the problem. At the same time, "One Barrel One Code" is strongly proprietary and difficult to form a standard (the standard requires universal, no intellectual property restrictions). Therefore, every enterprise has to pay the management cost of this part of digital code repeatedly. From the perspective of large-scale promotion, "One Barrel One Code" still has many limitations.

The Internet of things (IoT) technology provides a wider application and development space for the bottled water industry. The product concept of information-based packaging will enable each 18.9L bucket to implant its own unique global electronic identity for life. This electronic identity can transform every aspect of traditional barreled water from production and production to warehousing, trunk line logistics, distribution handover and settlement, local logistics, service delivery, consumer interaction and empty barrel return into a real data flow. The IoT information carrier is an EPC Class1 Gen2 UHF RFID tag. The RFID tag embedded in the packaging bucket constitutes a typical digital packaging.

"One Barrel One Code" leads to the trend that the barreled water enterprise upgrades management level actively is positive, correct development direction. In order to comprehensively and effectively provide information-based support for water enterprises' upgrading management, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the existing problems to find more reasonable, effective, economical and easy to promote the technical route. Compared with "One Barrel One Code", information-based packaging with Internet of things technology has more advantages and development space. By introducing the concept of information into the barreled water industry, the cost of food safety traceability can be more easily amortized in the benefits of industrial optimization and service improvement.

"Information packaging" is the key to the application of Internet of things technology in food products. In the rapid development of information today, intelligent packaging is also a new technology to enable information interconnection of goods, through the introduction of the Internet of things global communication, lifelong unique electronic identity RFID tag. Such information packaging and related equipment interconnection, so that the production, circulation, distribution, consumption of bottled water and other links for automatic recording. Turn the logistics process into a digital information flow that can be accurately tracked.