Sanya will set up four "24-hour RFID self-service libraries"

Recently, the author learned from the relevant departments of Sanya that four pilot "24-hour RFID self-service libraries" will be established, and sanya library will soon send staff to shenzhen for training and study.Readers will be able to self-cycle through the book experience and enjoy the pleasure of being closest to home when they can borrow the book.
It is understood that this innovative device is RFID automatic control technology, integrated into the terminal collection service counter, located in the community in any part of the city related library services, as well as the city through the library network, and docking management platform to achieve timely interactive data self-cycle system and services.
Sanya city, the southern half of hainan library, is the largest public library and public welfare cultural learning platform. Sanya municipal government provides the masses for the citizens.
In order to adapt to the construction of sanya library building, which has become an international tourism island in hainan, and meet the requirements of the situation, the public library has reached the national second-level municipal museum standard. Sanya municipal party committee and municipal government decide to comprehensively renovate the municipal library, perfect supporting facilities, and purchase special equipment and books such as air conditioners and elevators.Preliminary approvals for the renovation of the library building are under way and will be open to public bidding in the near future.As the renovation of library construction needs a certain time, sanya municipal government approved the plan to build four "24-hour self-service libraries" in the city during the renovation period, which will make up for the library service of the book city gap, as far as possible to reduce the inconvenience to readers.According to the planned storage area, the library will also hold a variety of community "mobile library" service activities during the renovation period.