Shenyang is piloting ETC smart parking lots across the country

From next year trucks can also take ETC dedicated road to achieve no parking fees

When paying fees in the parking lot, it does not use cash or mobile phone scanning code, but automatically deducts money by identifying ETC devices in the car, so as to realize "brushing the car to pay".All this will be realized more quickly after shenyang becomes a national pilot city for ETC smart parking.From January 1, trucks installed in ETC will also be able to use ETC special lanes as buses, enabling them to pay fees quickly without parking

Airport, railway station parking lot or take the lead in supporting ETC payment

Yesterday afternoon, the national ETC publishing service research seminar was held in shenyang, shenyang construction ETC smart parking pilot city signing ceremony is the first agenda of the seminar.At the signing ceremony, with the approval of the Ministry of Transport, the road network center of the Ministry of Transport, shenyang municipal people's government, Liaoning provincial department of transport and liaoning provincial transportation investment co., LTD decided to jointly build ETC smart parking pilot city and promote it in the whole country at the right time on the basis of gradual improvement.The reason why shenyang is chosen is that shenyang city already has a mature foundation of city-level intelligent parking platform.
Speeding up the promotion and issuance of ETC is an important part of the cancellation of provincial toll stations on expressways, as well as an important basis for the realization of fast charging without parking.At present, Liaoning ETC release schedule and ETC utilization rate of expressway passenger cars both exceed 80%, ranking among the best in China.
In the next step, liaoning will accelerate the expansion of ETC application scenarios in 8 airports, 379 railway stations, 50 first-class passenger stations and 59 dock parking lots in the whole province, so as to realize "brush car payment".

Trucks will not enjoy tolls from next year

Yesterday morning, the launch ceremony of national truck ETC issuance was held in jingquan service area of shenhai expressway in liaoning, which means that truck ETC issuance service will be rolled out nationwide.At the event site, workers installed ETC equipment on several trucks. These trucks passed under the simulated ETC frame and paid tolls without stopping, which only took a few seconds.
Deputy general manager of liaoning expressway operation and management co., LTD. Smart tolls branch Chen yushy said that before the national truck if want to deal with ETC, can only deal with a stored value card or account card, become a single card user, although there is an ETC card, but can not go ETC lane.After that, the truck can directly handle the vehicle device and ledger card when dealing with ETC. After installation, it can go through ETC special road like ordinary buses from January 1 next year, so as to realize no parking fees.This can not only improve the efficiency of highway freight cars, but also promote the logistics industry to improve the quality and efficiency.

Vice-general manager is reminded the vast number of truck users holding ETC single card, timely to the ETC business outlets on the highway and cooperative bank outlets for ETC set conversion.Trucks that use ETC to pay their toll will be entitled to a discount of 5%, while trucks that are not equipped with ETC will no longer enjoy preferential policies such as tolls reduction from next year.

The truck goes to the high speed and charges by model instead of weight

In addition, from January 1 next year, the way and standard of payment for freight cars passing through toll booths will also be changed. The mode of charging freight cars by weight has become a history, instead of charging according to model.In fact, when the ETC ledger card of truck was issued, the basic information of vehicle models, license plate number, frame number and other vehicles were written into the ETC vehicle-mounted equipment and ETC ledger card, realizing the unique correspondence between vehicles and vehicle-mounted equipment.In this way, when a truck passes the expressway, its axle number will be automatically identified by the entrance no-parking weighing detection system, and then written into the ETC vehicle device through ETC lane, which will be used as the basis for vehicle type classification and charging.