Shenzhen Baoan Library uses 28 RFID Sorting Robots

Walking into the north gate of Baoan Library, you can see 28 sorting robots named "Xiaozhi" on the right hand side of the door. And in workbench lower part, still have 4 to be named "Ruoyu" carry robot to work ceaselessly, this is the "intelligent book return" intelligent sorting and returning system of Baoan library, which is also the first "black technology" to apply the logistics sorting technology to book sorting in China.

"Xiaozhi" and "Ruoyu" are more than 10 times the efficiency of human labor

"After using robots to sort books, we have a lot less work to collect and classify books every day. We have more time to do other work and provide better service for readers. Robots help us a lot.""Said Huang Qiubo, a staff member of Baoan Library.

The "intelligent book return" system of Baoan library has realized the application of intelligent robot in the book sorting work for the first time. Through the scientific scheduling of the automatic guidance transport vehicle, the unmanned scene of round-the-clock book returning, sorting and handling has been created.

The intelligent sorting and returning book system is divided into sorting area and changing box area.There are 28 sorting robots named "Xiaozhi" in the upper layer and 4 handling robots named "Ruoyu" in the lower layer. At present, there are 2 indoor self-help book holders, 2 outdoor self-help book holders and 1 librarian book holder. After readers return books by themselves, the sorting desk will read the RFID chip of books and identify the book information."Xiaozhi" receives the book according to the system instruction, goes to the finger to fix the lattice mouth to put by itself. At present, there are 30 sorting boxes, which are distributed according to book categories and collection locations. Four self-returning bookholders operate at full capacity, and each hour can sort 2,000 books.

Background management system is responsible for the control and scheduling of all "Xiaozhi" robots, and according to the algorithm optimization for each robot to arrange the optimal path for book delivery. In the sorting process, "Xiaozhi" can also "perfectly" realize automatic avoidance, obstacle avoidance and self-charging, without any manual intervention. Under the platform "Ruoyu" handling robot, the weight of 200 kg, the size is large but rapid response. After receiving instructions, "Ruoyu" will quickly put the full bookcase "back", carrying to the change box area and staff handover. At the same time, another "Ruoyu" carrying empty boxes will quickly go to the bottom of the slot to fill. All returned books are processed centrally in the sorting system, which is a heavy preliminary sorting work. It can be done efficiently and quickly by the robot, which is 10 times more efficient than the traditional manual sorting.

Perfect integration of book sorting and technology exhibition wins readers' thumb up '

For the staff of Baoan library, nearly ten thousand books need to be returned, classified and put on shelves every day, which requires a lot of energy and time. Staff have to push carts to different book return locations to collect books, sort them and restock them. At the height of library traffic, some books fill up in half an hour to an hour, requiring frequent trips.Moving back to a wide variety of books, social science, humanities, nature, youth books... The administrator needs to classify these books according to outside library books, branch library books and main library books, and classify the main library books according to each functional area, and finally arrange them according to call book Numbers. After all the sorting is done, the sorted books are shipped to different shelves. "The whole process is time-consuming and laborious, and there are also problems such as manual sorting errors and delayed sorting at peak times." Huang Qiubo said.

Compared with the manual sorting, the intelligent sorting and returning book system not only saves time and effort, but also helps the staff to reduce the links of collecting books and manual sorting in large quantities, as well as the advantages of small sorting errors, strong system reliability and expansion. It is learned that since the opening of the new library in Baoan district 6 years ago, the business has been developing rapidly, and the daily volume of books returned at the peak reached more than 10,000 times. "Intelligent book return" intelligent book return system can meet the current needs of the region's book return business, the future flexible increase in the number of robots and boxes to meet the needs of business growth.

Source: Baoan Daily