Starbucks Japan Introduced the Built-in NFC Pen, Can Support NFC Card Payment

Recently, Starbucks Japan launched a support NFC payment pen.The pen has a built-in NFC tag in the cap and supports Japan's popular FeliCa contactless IC card technology.

The Pen, called "Starbucks Touch: The Pen," comes with an NFC sensor attached to a digital wallet that allows you to pay at Starbucks as if you were swiping a credit card.

The pen will be available online on September 25 in black, silver or white and will cost 4,000 yen (about 262 RMB), including 1,000 yen (about 65 RMB) in advance. The pen is The fourth product in The Starbucks Touch line to be launched in Japan, following previous products such as a case, a thermos cup and a mini NFC handbag called "The Hug".