The Education Department of Daejeon city, South Korea, has introduced the RFID electronic label goods management system

           The Education department of Daejeon, South Korea, announced on September 9 that it will introduce an RF-based item management system to all schools starting next year to effectively manage the growing number of items.

           The article management system based on electronic tag means that the article information is recorded and stored in the electronic tag composed of antenna and chip, and the technology of reader recognition and processing information can be used. By connecting with K-Edufine integrated asset management system, the accurate article management can be realized.To introduce this approach to item management, on July 24, the Western Office of Daejeon Education launched a pilot operation of the RFID-based Item Management System (RFID-BASED ITEM Management System) to improve the transparency of item management and business processing efficiency.

           After a pilot run, the system plans to gradually expand to all schools in the district. In the past, the financial checking of logistic items was carried out by matching the items to the item book, which required a lot of time and manpower. However, after the introduction of RFID electronic tag item management system, it can be automatically connected to the "K-Edufine Integrated Asset Management system" just by reading the item's electronic tag information, so as to realize the fast and accurate item management.

          Based on this year's pilot operation, the Department plans to gradually introduce the electronic label based item management system over a three-year period starting from 2021."By introducing an elt-based item management system, we can improve the speed and efficiency of logistics business processing and ensure the accuracy and transparency of item management, so as to manage items more effectively," said Wu Guangliei, financial officer of daejeon Education Department.