The future development trend of RFID technology in manufacturing warehouse management

With the rapid development of the Internet economy and the real economy, the market demand is also diversified. Modern warehouses will be different from the past, and management becomes an important link. It not only represents the new economic power, but also plays an important role in promoting the development of the manufacturing industry. How to make the warehouse extremely optimized in terms of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, quality improvement, etc. It is very important to know about the help of manufacturing enterprises. 

When the business develops to a certain stage, management needs to be scientific and informative, especially when the business volume increases and the product line increases, the storage management problem becomes more and more obvious. For example, in the product storage stage, due to the wide variety of products, it is easy to cause wrong packaging, and the quantity and type of products are easy to be disordered when entering the warehouse. In order to avoid this situation, enterprises have to increase their manpower input and the labor costs are getting higher and higher.
RFID warehousing management technology can also be combined with big data analysis to easily complete the routine work of bulk goods or whole pallets for automatic receipt, storage, handling, sorting, etc., and can guarantee the real-time accuracy of commodity inventory, which reduces the work. The pressure of personnel can make the decision of managers get strong data support. At present, the system has been applied in many manufacturing enterprises, and has played an outstanding role in the actual use process, or will become the driving force for the manufacturing industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency and promote the rapid development of the industry.

RFID warehouse management technology combines warehouse management process with computer technology and information technology, and integrates the functions of storage, delivery, transfer, inventory and inventory in the warehouse management process into the system, providing various needs for management personnel. Information, improves enterprise warehouse information management, and achieves accuracy, convenience, real-time and standardization of information data.
1. Economically: The warehousing management system can simplify the cumbersome warehouse operations. For example, it takes a long time to count the inventory and then record it on the report. It takes a long time and is easy to make mistakes. Now, you only need to hold the PDA to scan the goods. The goods information can enter the system, and automatically increase the inventory, easy to complete the inventory work, which can save a lot of manpower and material costs.
For stock goods, we can customize the upper and lower limit inventory value, realize the inventory warning mechanism, and provide “first in, first out” and “last in, first out” options for the way of inventory shipment, which can be based on commodity price trends and market conditions at that time. 
2. Competitiveness: The core goal of the development of modern manufacturing is to improve quality and efficiency. Whoever can go further in efficiency, time and flexibility will be more likely to occupy more markets. The warehousing management system links the logistics, production and sales of the manufacturing enterprises, so that they can be closely connected, and the effect of improving the overall efficiency is more significant.
The RFID warehousing management technology effectively solves various situations in the actual manufacturing industry, and improves the efficiency and accuracy of picking compared with traditional manual management. Optimizing the manufacturing enterprises to improve the various processes of warehouse operations, and building a modern, intelligent warehousing management, to a certain extent, solved the problem of excessive cost and overcapacity in the manufacturing industry.