RFID application in Tobacco digital warehouse management solutions

1. System introduction
RFID application in digital warehouse management is another innovative application in tobacco industry. The application of RFID technology in the storage link not only retains the advantages of RFID application in the tobacco no. 1 project of high efficiency, but also plays an effective role in promoting digital storage. The comprehensive application of RFID technology in tobacco industry will become the future development trend.
2. System composition
Tray electronic tag, handheld reader, forklift reader, fixed reader, middleware.
3. Working process
The link of cigarette storage and palletizing: in the case of bulk cigarette storage, the bar code information on each piece of cigarette is read, and the bar code information on each 30 pieces of cigarette is composed of a packet, and the information of the packet is associated with the electronic label ID number on the tray to realize the management of finished products by the tray.
Pallet space allocation: upon the completion of palletizing (i.e., information pack), WMS will automatically allocate a space for the pallet, which will be displayed on a large screen; At the same time, after the RFID read-write device installed on the forklift reads the electronic tag of the pallet, it can also obtain the cargo position that should be placed on the pallet through the wireless network connection system, and instruct the forklift operator to place it in the correct position to complete the warehousing operation.
Pallet bookshelf operation process: after the pallet is placed on the position by the forklift, the information of the position is read to verify whether the pallet has been placed in the correct position. At the same time, the operator of the forklift will update the information of the position in the electronic label of the position through the reader of the forklift.
System management and query: system management includes many aspects of work, such as warehouse information data statistics, finished smoke inventory, tray information adjustment, information query.
Picking off the shelves: when the order is received, the system will assign work to the designated forklift, and the reader of the forklift will receive the detailed task assigned by the system and remove the tray from the designated cargo position. At this time, the reader of the forklift will update the information in the electronic label of the cargo position.
Cigarette outbound (to the sorting area or library) : forklift get off after the specified tray, the system will indicate forklift which outbound mouth, the tray can be shipped to reach the outbound port, fixed near the outbound mouth, speaking, reading and writing equipment installed will read the tray electronic label information, check whether the tray in the correct outbound, and through the system, access to the tray all smoke barcode information, barcode information uploaded to the server, complete the outbound operation.
4. Advantages of the system
Use electronic labels to improve the accuracy of warehouse management.
The system introduces RFID middleware, with strong scalability, convenient docking between the systems.
The system runs through the warehousing, storage, inventory, logistics and other links, more systematic.
Achieve the unified management of "goods - goods location - personnel - task", and effectively guide operators to complete assigned tasks.