Unmanned Aerial Vehicle RFID Warehouse Inventory Management Application

The US Federal Aviation Administration has issued new guidelines for the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicle, which are expected to pave the way for the last mile of logistics deliveries. The combination of UAV and RFID technology will bring more advantages to warehouse inventory management.

Looking into the future, autonomous RFID UAV will gain more application markets by adding remote sensing, start-up and prediction tasks.

RFID unmanned aerial vehicle warehouse inventory management application can bring customers:
  1. The RFID UAV will scan the warehouse, noting the location of each inventory item. This data will be used to adjust whether the information in the inventory management system is consistent with the actual inventory information.
  2. The RFID UAV can know the location of the loader in the warehouse.
  3. RFID UAV can efficiently capture data and reduce manual process errors.
Web-based systems allow collaboration between all Shared network participants.
  1. Unlike forklifts, which have height restrictions, RFID drones can locate all the goods in the warehouse.
  2. The RFID UAV will scan the warehouse, noting the location of each inventory item. 
2.Using UAVs to scan RFID tags can eventually achieve "push inventory management"
3.RFID UAV indoor map engine
RFID UAVs manage your inventory and coordinate your supply chain to benefit from deploying RFID in your warehouse. RFID UAVs help you increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, optimize inventory levels, and track assets to make your logistics and warehousing services competitive.

ThingMagic's newest UHF RFID reader, Sargas, is a miniaturized lightweight RFID reader. This is a compact UHF reader with high performance, networking capabilities, dual antenna ports.Its size is small, only 87mml*80mmw*23.8mmh and weight is 0.27kg, but it also has powerful functions. It supports external 2-channel antenna, equipped with Ethernet, microSD and 2 USB ports, built-in ThingMagic high-performance RFID module, the distance between the tag reading is more than 9m (equipped with appropriate antenna), has ThingMagic core anti-collision algorithm, and has the processing capacity of more than 750 tags per second. It is equipped with onboard processor, memory and removable flash memory, which integrates data collection, calculation and storage, and can be well used in UAVs.

ThingMagic Sargas UHF RFID Reader