What is the relationship between Rfid Tags and NFC?

        The biggest commonality between Rfid Tags and NFC is that they all use 13.56M. 13.56M is the band we touch the most. This is why many people can't understand the difference between RFID and NFC. The range of RFID is much wider than that of NFC. There are many other bands besides 13.56M, while NFC has only one band of 13.56.
                                                                   Rfid Tags
The original intention of NFC was to exchange small data for near-field payment and loose authentication. NFC chose 13.56M as the basis, and also added a point-to-point communication. Traditional RFID can only interact with one TAG at a time. NFC can transfer data between two READERs.

At the same time, NFC is not compatible with all 13.56M RFID, but it is compatible with the 14443 TYPEA and 15693 protocols. It is not supported by the 14443 TYPE B like our ID card.

The above is the whole content of the RFID tag and NFC in the end, we know the difference between the two after reading. The two are different, but they all have in common, that is, they all use 13.56M.