What is UHF RFID Reader What are the characteristics??

With the rapid development of micro integrated circuit technology, UHF RFID Reader is becoming more and more popular. Passive RFID tags do not require batteries, and the energy required for work can be obtained in the magnetic field generated by the RFID reader, but the general reading distance is relatively short. In the past, RFID active tags have large volume, large power consumption, and short life. Now active RFID tags made with the latest technology not only have long reading distances, but also have the advantages of long life and reliable performance of passive tags.

1. The working range of the RFID reader, the distance between the RFID reader and the tag is up to 1500 meters (this is mainly based on power)

2. Anti-collision technology, which can process multiple tags at the same time. One of the characteristics of RFID system is that the data has anti-collision function. When reading several RFID tags at the same time, anti-collision technology can be used to ensure data integrity.

3. Anti-interference ability. The RFID system has a long reading distance. It can use intermediate frequency and unique and complicated software algorithms. Therefore, it can resist interference and ensure the normal operation of the system in a high-intensity interference environment.