XINYE 10th Anniversary Celebration-1

On January 5th,2019,the 10th anniversary celebration of Guangdong Xinye RFID Label Application co.,Ltd was held in Dalang Town,Dongguan city. On this day,XINYE not only gathered all employees and their families to participate, but also invited many important guests to attend the celebration to witness its ten-year growth history and dreams .  Chen Liping,the general manager of XINYE,led all employees to get together with the guests to share and review The development and achievements of XINYE in the past ten years, and made a strategic prospective report for the company’s future planning. 

Firstly,General Manager Chen thanked the local government and village committee of Dalang Town,with the protection of government policy,The company can be more powerful and will continue to bloom.Then Mr Chen expressed his gratitude to Xinye's partners and guests who have been caring and supporting XINYE for many years.also express his heartfelt gratitude to all the XINYE people who have made contributions to Xinye's unremitting efforts.It is with the full support of our partners that XINYE has achieved its current achievements.And all XINYE people are like turtles in the tortoise and the hare race story,Clear goal and strong will, one step at a time, the development of the company has laid a solid foundation.At the same time, Mr Chen also sincerely thanked the family members who have been understanding and supporting his career。