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RFID Technology Change The Way You Travel


With the rapid development of The Times, people have more and more ways to travel, and they can choose appropriate ways to travel, such as bus, subway, bus, car, train, high-speed rail, plane and other modes of transportation.Convenient means of travel security, become the focus of attention of all departments.RFID technology applied in transportation will achieve a great leap forward in the construction of intelligent transportation.RFID intelligent transportation system focuses on the wide application and service of traffic information.It also aims to improve the operating efficiency of existing transportation facilities.

So let's take a look at the RFID technology in the life of the common way to travel how to manage!How will RFID change the way you travel?

The bus

Intelligent bus through RFID, sensing and other technologies, can understand the location of the bus in real time, to achieve the curve and route reminder and other functions.At the same time, combined with the operation characteristics of public transport, the intelligent scheduling system can be used to plan and schedule the routes and vehicles to achieve intelligent scheduling.

Electric bicycle

RFID technology is used to strengthen the management of electric bicycles in cities, so as to realize the functions of registration, monitoring, theft prevention, insurance claims, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of traffic management of electric bicycles in cities and the protection of owners' interests.

Intelligent parking, no sense of charge

In the near future, ETC equipped vehicles will not only be able to drive on highways, but also out of parking lots. The payment scenario will be further extended by the fact that there will be no need to stop for a card, swipe or cash payment when entering or leaving the parking lot.

Car networking

Advanced sensors, RFID and camera equipment can be used to collect information about the environment around the vehicle and the vehicle itself, and transmit the data to the vehicle system, so as to realize real-time monitoring of the vehicle's running state, including fuel consumption, speed, tire pressure and tire temperature.

Ensure vehicle safety

Automotive electronic identification based on RFID technology, formed a perfect clone, prevent forgery, tamper proof, illegal read security system, to ensure that the only correspondence, motor vehicles and automobile electronic identification can be widely used in DaoQiang vehicles have been supervised, such as false deck crack down illegal vehicle, vehicle trajectory tracking and back, regional traffic dynamic control for car security management Applications, such as improving the capacity of vehicles identify, thereby more accurately to crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities involving car.

Optimize vehicle management

RFID technology of automobile electronic identity, can realize the city taxi waiting for operating the vehicle qualification administration, bus signal priority management, as well as a toll fee the cost of all kinds of electronic inspection, etc., by reading the automobile electronic identity stored within the vehicle usage information, traffic supervision department can bus, bus, operating vehicles of different purposes, such as vehicles, the implementation of targeted traffic operation management, at the same time, the automobile electronic identification system based on RFID technology, payment information, and can accurately check the vehicle implementation for the cost of car electronic ZhengJi, improve various stakeholders ShouJiaoLv car costs.

Environmental monitoring

The electronic identification system based on RFID technology can monitor the vehicle yellow-green label information and vehicle exhaust emission status in real time and accurately, realize the electronic management of vehicle environmental protection yellow-green label information, vehicle exhaust emission monitoring, and the supervision of vehicles that exceed the limit in the area.

The rapid application of RFID technology benefits from its many characteristics, such as rapid scanning;Small size and diversified shape;Reusable;Strong penetrability;Large data capacity;High safety;Strong anti-pollution ability, etc.RFID technology has become an important part of the construction of urban traffic management.An important carrier in the field of transportation, electronic vehicle identification, also known as electronic license plate, is an electronic identity card formed by the combination of ultra-high Frequency radio frequency identification technology and other related technologies.

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