Company profile

Guangdong Xinye RFID Label Application Co., Ltd is a professional RFID company, which is funded by Shenzhen Xinye Intelligence Card Co., Ltd.As an industry-leading professional manufacturer of smart cards and RFID tag products,it was registered and established in Dalang, Dongguan in 2017.

 In recent years, Xinye RFID has built a R&D team with RFID technology as the core,and introduced a set of industry-leading laboratory R&D equipment to provide high-performance RFID products and solutions, meeting the needs of various industries. At the same time,it has invested in a number of customized RFID label production equipment and developed a number of RFID products and patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights. From product design and development to experimental testing and finished product mass production, it has provided high-performance RFID products and solutions in several industries, mainly including logistics management, library management, animal husbandry management, asset tracking management, medical treatment, electricity, petroleum, vehicle and other industries.

Xinye RFID has been adhering to the principle of customer-centered , and always been focusing on expanding the international market.Its business covers more than 90 countries all over the world as it has won high recognition from customers at home and abroad with the perfect after-sales service system and the quality guarantee of striving for perfection.