FM11R08 cheap nfc tag
FM11R08 cheap nfc tag

FM11R08 cheap nfc tag

Introduction :Application: Mobile Phones, Turnstiles, Vending Machines, Member Promotion Systems, Parking Meter, Electronic Payments, Mobile Payments, etc.

Product Details

Physical Specifications

Name:cheap nfc tag


Material:Coated Paper/PET/Synthetic Paper /PVC

(Chips and sizes can be customized)


RF Specifications



Protocol:ISO 14443A

Memory: 1KB
Operating Mode:Passive
IC Life:Write endurance of 100,000 cycles,Data retention of 10 year
Operating Distance:Up to 10CM, depending on the reader configuration
Operating temperature:-40℃~+65℃

Personalization:Logo Printing,encoding,barcode printing,etc


Chip support:Mifare Ultralight,Mifare Ultralight C,Mifare Classic 1K S50,Mifare Classic 4K S70,Felica-lite-S,Ti2048,I CODE SLI,I CODE SLI-S, I CODE SLI-X,SLE66R01,SLE66R35,NTAG213,NTAG215,NTAG216,FM11RF08,Mifare PLUS SE.