XY-X6 UHF Reader
XY-X6 UHF Reader
  • XY-X6 UHF Reader
  • XY-X6 UHF Reader
  • XY-X6 UHF Reader
  • XY-X6 UHF Reader

XY-X6 UHF Reader

XY-X6 UHF Reader is a new UHF back clip reader produced by our company, which integrates the powerful UHF reading and writing function and barcode scanning function. Its core UHF chip is Impinj R2000, and the label reading distance can be up to 22 meters indoors and 8 meters outdoors.In addition, it can be used with Android and IOS smart phones or smart device terminals of various manufacturers, which is flexible, convenient and excellent in performance. It is widely applicable to electric power inspection, asset management, clothing inventory, warehouse management, vehicle management, financial management and other fields.

Product Details

XY-X6 UHF Reader Specification

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions:143x76x140mm / 5.63x2.99x5.51in

Weight:Sled Reader: 483g/17.04oz

Sled Reader with Mobile Case: 453g/15.98oz

Sled Reader with Customized Holder:500g/17.64oz


Power:Battery specification: 5200mAh

Standby: over 70 hours (keeping bluetooth connected)

Continuous use: up to 6 hours (UHF reading)

Chargingtime:3-4hours (with standardadaptor and USB cable)

Interfaces:USB3.0 Type-C


Indicator LED:Power ,Work,Bluetooth

Product material:Plastic

Size of adapted phone:Width 68~80 mm, thickness ≤ 10 mm

Others: Based on phone case or holder


RF Specification

Engine:Based on Impinj Indy R2000

Antenna parameter:Circular Polarized Antenna (3dBic)


Protocol:EPC C1 GEN2 / ISO18000-6C

Power:1W (30dBm, support +5~+30dBm adjustable)

2W Optional (33dBm, for Lati America, etc.)

R/W range:>22m(indoors);>8m(open outdoors)

Reading rate:>200tags/s

* Ranges and rates depend on tags and environment