About Xinye

  • Guangdong Xinye Intelligent Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., is a professional Rfid Smart Card and RFID tag manufacturing enterprises, engaged in smart card and RFID label industry for more than 10 years. We have been focusing on R&D and production of RFID-based Internet of Things products, with rich experience in R&D and production of Smart Cards and RFID Tags, familiar with the application characteristics of RFID smart cards and RFID tags in various Industries. We have a deep understanding of the use of RFID smart card and RFID tag in various application scenarios, and can provide design ideas, production services and technical support for smart card and RFID tag in various industries. We are a collection of product design, research and development, sales, service as one of the RFID application solutions provider, products and Applications involved in a variety of fields, including vehicles, asset management, libraries, archives, tobacco, medical care, animal husbandry, ticket access control, mobile communications, container logistics and so on.


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