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According to whole jewel wholesale, most jewel are checked manually, and due to the small bulk and great amount, it is hard to check the inventory in a exact way. And survey indicates that a check of the inventory will take at least 5 hours. The low efficiency of the checking limits the times of checking. Meanwhile, most of the jewel are valuable and thus it is very important to make the checking of the inventory. With RFID system, information could be integrated, shared, long-distance transmitted.


Stick the label for valuable jewel. Use automatic identification to detect, control and follow the jewel with label so that we could achieve the goal of checking, following and sales management in whole process, which increases greater efficiency than manual management.



In secure status, RFID reader will alarm the staff by antenna once there is accident, for reader could every single jewel tag in the display desk.




Set the LED screen nearby the desk. When you show the jewel to the consumers, the screen will display the relevant information of the jewel of [style, origin, weight, material, purity, grade" and improve the influence of the brand, which will enhance the sales in a better extent.


When a jewel is going to pay, the staff will mark it in the rfid reader to finish the payment. The computer will display relevant information of the computer, meanwhile it will tell the consumer about the price and confirm the [sold out" status of the product, stop tracking of the product.