Enterprise Asset Management Solution Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Enterprise Asset Management Solution

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find, count & measure your assets simply and cost effectively
  • Reducing operational costs and improving profitability are just the beginning. A comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management solution powered by Xinye RFID tags,which enable enterprises around the world to better manage, maintain and track their assets. It has never been easier that making strategic business management decisions to improve performance every day.
  • Xinye`s solutions are generally used across all industries from IT and lab asset management,yard management in the construction and energy industries, retail, medical as well as manufacturing and logistics applications. Whether you are seeking a simple method for inventory counts or a whole-new asset management solution, xinye is here!




Complete IoT Based Solutions: Hardware, Software, Services
  • All this starts from the tags, and xinye has the largest passive and active RFID tags in the industry.RFID is the most cost-effective of the IoT solutions. IoT-enabled assets provide you with real-time visibility into asset performance and allow you to effectively manage the entire asset life cycle.From the moment an asset enters your facility to the moment it is retired, You can view the status, location, and current value of each asset accurately in real time. This allows you to focus on delivering operational and financial efficiency that manual tracking can`t do.


The Construction of Function :

1.Initialization of asset tags
  • When asset in storage,the management system of asset set a new record.And make connection with RFID via GUID code. The format of tags can be designed freely,so that everything can be documented.The only identification code of terminal assets rely on the vendor bar code.While non-terminal assets using the RFID globe code in accordance with uniform rules.The system should have the function of restoring the barcode when the bar code is worn and can be printed out .The note of associate ID: To manage the assets and device tags via GUID.
2.Asset information change
  • When asset information changes (including location information), track asset change orders through hand held devices. Change work order process:
3.Asset Count
  • When do asset count, we use the hand-held inventory device to scan the barcode tag(RFID) of assets,the data in the inventory and the data in the database are checked,and the abnormal data will be done properly.Except that, the balance.the loss schedule.the inventory summary table can be generated by company or by department. The asset inventory including financial count and and maintenance count(including location information).In the process, the hand-held device is supported, and following functions is supported:
  • 1).Support offline mold. The basic data which download from the Internet by the hand-held device .the device that could be used by offline mold.and upload the before count data.
  • 2).Support multiple counts and abnormal repeated counts.The abnormal device will do the count task again,and eventually perfect!
  • 3).Inventory function is divided into financial count and maintenance count.
  • 4).The count process:
4.Abnormal Alarm
  • This can be divided into two part:
  • 1).Abnormal alarm of inventory:Abnormal inventory data alarm includes financial inventory abnormal alarm and maintenance inventory alarm. Financial inventory alarm mainly includes asset quantity check. warning list for abnormal results. Maintenance inventory contains equipment location information alarm of the data and asset equipment.
  • 2).The access warning assets without authorization,and access to the monitoring area,the alarm will be issued in real time, and the query can be made through the history record .

System Advantage


1.Each item is given a unique identity.

2.The information in the device can be got convenient and fast, the RFID reader knows the item information by contactless style, and the tag`s life will be longer.

3.The data storage capacity in the electronic tag is up to 512 bits, which can meet the requirements of the data recording of the regular items from purchasing to scrapping.

4.Recognition fast. RFID tool management has a quick scan, can get thousands of information of tools within a second.

5.Data storage time is long. The information written to the RFID tag can be stored for more than 10 years and the use information of the item could also be traced back more than 10 years.

6.The tag can be used repeatable.The data information in the electronic label can be erased and be written more than 100000 times.Thus, which meet the need of add ,modify ,delete and other operations of tool information.

7.The RFID tag can read the information with penetration and no barrier. The electronic tag management system can identify the property information of non-metal materials such as paper, wood and plastics.

8.High security. Because the RFID tag carries electronic information, data content and operation, it can be protected by 32-bit password, which makes its content difficult to be forged and changed illegally.

9.A statistic data counted by IDC, said that , a complete asset management system can help enterprises and institutions to achieve:

Reduce 75% audit cost;

Decrease 40%spare parts;

Reduce 20%extra test machine;

Reduce 45% missing of the equipment;

Improve 30% asset utilization;

Delay 10% equipment operation life;

Reduce 50%downtime of the machine;

Eliminate 99% capital asset withdraw.

10.Improve the speed and accuracy of asset management, so that all kinds of asset management can be implemented.

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