Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, as an advanced automatic identification and data collection method, has been widely used in many fields. However, in a metal environment, ordinary RFID tags are easily affected by reflection and absorption from metal objects, resulting in serious signal attenuation and reduced reading performance. Therefore, RFID tags with anti-metal properties have emerged. Among them, RFID anti-metal tags made of ABS materials have become an ideal solution to solve such problems due to their unique physical properties and excellent electromagnetic compatibility.

Basic principles of ABS RFID anti-metal tags

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a common engineering plastic with good mechanical strength, hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance. In the design of RFID anti-metal tags, the ABS shell can effectively isolate the interference of the metal background on the RFID antenna. The special absorbing material and antimagnetic design inside the tag, combined with the scientific antenna layout, enable the tag to work normally on metal surfaces and achieve stable reading over long distances.

Technical characteristics of ABS RFID anti-metal tags

  1. Physical Properties The shell of the ABS RFID anti-metal tag can resist extreme temperature changes, is not easy to age, and is resistant to corrosion by a variety of chemicals, extending the service life of the tag. This feature is particularly important in industrial environments such as warehouses and production lines.
  2. Electromagnetic compatibility This type of tag adopts special structural design and antenna optimization technology, which significantly reduces the attenuation effect of the metal environment on RFID signals. Stable reading range and accuracy are maintained even in complex metal environments.


Practical application of ABS RFID anti-metal tags

Asset Management : In IT equipment management and inventory, ABS RFID anti-metal tags can be permanently attached to various types of equipment to facilitate real-time tracking of the location and status of assets; similarly, in the maintenance and monitoring of industrial production equipment, It can also provide managers with accurate data support.

Logistics supply chain management: For goods packed in metal containers or packages, ABS RFID anti-metal tags can penetrate metal walls to remotely read cargo information, greatly improving the traceability efficiency and accuracy in the logistics process.

Other application scenarios: In medical equipment management, labels can ensure the full traceability of each medical device and improve the level of medical safety management. They also play an irreplaceable role in security authentication and access control systems.


Market development trend of ABS RFID anti-metal tags

With the advancement of new material research and development and technological innovation, ABS RFID anti-metal tags will further improve performance, reduce costs, and adapt to more stringent application environments. Following industry standards and compliance requirements, this type of label has broad application prospects in future areas such as asset management, intelligent manufacturing and even smart cities.

In general, ABS RFID anti-metal tags show great value in modern asset management and other related fields with their excellent anti-metal performance, stable reading performance and wide applicability. In the face of future challenges, we look forward to continuous technological innovation and application expansion, so that this advanced technology can play a greater role in promoting the information process of various industries.


Xinyerfid’s ABS RFID anti-metal tags are made of high-quality ABS material to ensure that the tags have excellent wear resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and are sufficient to cope with various harsh industrial environments.We provide not only have standardized specifications, but can also be customized according to customer needs, providing a full range of personalized services from size, color, to built-in chip performance, ensuring that each tag can match your business scenario Perfect fit.

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