Why does the NFC card key become invalid?

As an NFC card key, it is an electronic product. It is composed of an antenna and a chip inside. It will be affected by certain substances when working.

The reasons for the failure of NFC card keys usually include the following points:

  • First, when the wireless charger is turned on, place the NFC card in the charging area. Since the NFC card key is an unconnected card, that is, it does not require a battery and works through electromagnetic field induction. Charging will cause the card's antenna and chip to be damaged due to excessive temperature. damaged.
  • Second, when using an NFC card, attach any object that will cut off electromagnetic waves, such as a metal sealed card holder and a metal mobile phone back case.
  • Third, place the NFC card in a high-temperature place, such as on the dashboard.
  • Fourth, bend the NFC card hard enough to damage the card or break the antenna.
  • Fifth, put the NFC card together with other hard objects, such as metal keys that rub against the NFC card for a long time or cause the card to bulge and deform. These may cause the NFC card key to become invalid. It is recommended that you pay attention to protecting the NFC card.

What material do you think this NFC card key should be made of? If you have any questions, welcome to contact us. And follow me to help you learn more about RFID electronic tags.

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